no taste buds left behind.

Cloudy Lane makes eating gluten-free and dairy-free fun. Learn more about the mission that we live and bake for.


Cloudy lane was created to take health-food out of the dark ages and into the light.  

At Cloudy Lane, our mission is to make dairy-free and gluten-free snacks so delicious that they're indistinguishable from traditional treats. There's only one key difference— Cloudy Lane treats don't hold back your health. 

We were tired of health-food brands prioritizing factory lines and profits over making snacks that were nourishing for the body and the soul. People with dietary needs shouldn't be forced to compromise on texture and flavor. Just because you don't eat dairy or gluten doesn't mean you forgot how to use your tongue. Cloudy Lane was created to answer the call of the millions of people who just want a cookie that tastes like damn cookie. 

meet the founder

Locally-Sourced & American Made 

We believe in sourcing local ingredients wherever possible to maximize freshness, create crave-worthy flavors and support American-owned businesses. 

Female-Owned & Family Approved

As a female owned and founded business,  helping mothers nourish their families is a core reason we created our products.


Whether you have a diet-restriction, allergy or just want to try something new, Cloudy Lane products are for everyone to enjoy. Pretentiousness be gone. 

meet the founder

OUR Story

About the Founder

My name is Dani LeBlanc and I am the owner of Cloudy Lane Bakery, a holistic health-inspired bakery that focuses on providing the community with gluten, dairy, seed oil and refined-sugar free baked goods. With a background as a competitive athlete and musician, it is my passion to use creativity to offer both “too good to be true” taste and nutrition. Say goodbye to bland "healthy" treats and hello to juicy, delicious and nutritious baked goods. 

OUR Story

After years of doldrum, I decided I was done being forgiving of flavor.

It all started when grocery shopping became an act of compromise. When I began my gluten-free, dairy-free journey, I'd walk up and down the grocery aisles and find two categories of disappointment:
1) Snacks that were healthy but about as dull, dry and lifeless as a forgotten kitchen sponge.
2) Snacks that we're tasty-timebombs chock-full of preservatives, seed oils and refined sugars.
After years of this weekly doldrum, I decided I was done with being forgiving of flavor. So I started Cloudy Lane Bakery, to save the taste buds of people just like me. Since then I've been handcrafting healthy gluten-free and dairy-free baked goods for people in Connecticut. In 2023, I decided it was time to spread the love nationally. Some people say we're disrupting the Health-food industry. I think we're just giving diet-restricted people back their right to indulge in snacks that make their soul smile. 

meet the founder


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