Dangerously Delicious Gluten-free Cookie Bars

Gluten-free treats shouldn't taste like cardboard. It's time to stop compromising.
Cloudy Lane Cookie Bars truly satisfy your sweet cravings. 



Let's face it, most gluten-free "treats" taste like they were made in a paper-mill, not a bakery. Either that, or they're so loaded with sugar and preservatives they're closer to a science experiment than a snack. 

Cloudy Lane Cookie Bars were created to be just as soft, chewy and flavorful as normal baked goods— but without the gluten, dairy, seed oils and refined sugars that hold back your health.

Ditch the sugar-crash and keep hunger at bay with an energizing snack you'll truly enjoy. Handmade in small batches, Cloudy Lane Cookie Bars use all-natural ingredients and are the perfect way to make for a happy tummy and a satisfied sweet-tooth. 

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Happier Tummies, Clearer Skin

Inflammation is the enemy of a healthy gut and beautiful skin. Our gluten-free recipes will help you break out less and stop feeling bloated.

Refined-Sugar Free

Cloudy Lane uses maple syrup and honey as natural sweeteners. They're exponentially healthier than white sugar and won't spike your glycemic index. 

Melts In Your Mouth

Most gluten-free products are so bland they're an insult to baking. Cloudy Lane products are crafted to be perfectly moist, flavorful and dangerously crave-worthy. 

Made By Hand

Every part of our products are handmade by our bakers...even the chocolate.  When you bite into a Cloudy Lane product— that's what love tastes like.

Liberating Gluten-free People's Tastebuds

The dark days are over. Cloudy Lane has your back.

check out what our customers have to say:

  • 5

    I’m guilty of having a sweet tooth but try to stay away from Gluten, processed sugars and dairy. After years of trying underwhelming bland and dry GF DF baked goods, I was thrilled to try Cloudy Lane. The Blondie bar is what got me hooked but everything I’ve tried or bought for friends as gifts has been an absolute hit! Im so thankful for Cloudy Lane for allowing me to indulge my sweet tooth in the healthiest way possible! 

    Jeff S

  • 5

    *tries a bite of the blondie* “Holy sh!t, where did you get these from???"

    Katie C

  • 5

    I can’t get over how Cloudy Lane Bakery creates baked goods that taste *so* amazing but also make me feel good about what I’m putting in my body.

    Ellen Z

  • 5

    I feel so good about putting CLB products into my body and my family’s body. They satisfy cravings but are filled with only the good stuff.

    Elizabeth L

  • 5

    Cloudy Lane is amazing! I always get my sweet fix but don’t feel bad about it. The handmade chocolate is to die for!!

    Sam H

  • 5

    I have been gluten & dairy free for a little over a year and have tried many sweets, but always was disappointed with the bland products of other brands. So thankful I found Cloudy Lane. Their cookie bars are mind blowing.

    Kelly S

  • 5

    11/10 would recommend Cloudy Lane to anyone seeking a healthy and savory alternative to traditional baked goods. A definite must try for those who find their options limited by allergies!

    Brendan H

  • 5

    I never thought I had a sweet tooth until I tried Cloudy Lane. I absolutely cannot resist Cloudy Lane Blondie Bars.

    Matt S

  • 5

    Most gluten-free products are either overloaded with refined sugars or are completely bland. Cloudy Lane cookie bars are moist, made with all natural-sugars and are incomparably delicious. Just what the gluten-free community needed.

    Tyler F


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